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Landscape design & permaculture

Regenerative lifestyle design

Space design


"Design should be rejuvenative, recreational and reflective of nature, leaving a minimal footprint."


Landscaping  & Permaculture Design

Waylon’s design solutions facilitate mindful consumption and minimally wasteful lifestyles. His designs draw from different concepts including farm-to-table ecosystems, aquascaping, biomimicry, bioremediation, upcycling and waste management. He incorporates inputs from experts in specialized fields to examine projects from different perspectives. 

His lighting, furniture and architectural elements are created from upcycled urban detritus, and have found commercial and residential use since 2009. Waylon designs biomimicry-inspired concepts to inspire water conservation, recycling and use.

Waylon examines projects holistically, and creates integrated designs that are aesthetic, ethical, culturally sensitive, economically viable and structurally sound.

Envisioning & Marketing

He infused the previous academic practice with his urban afforestation project which has now evolved into ‘The Botanical Lab’ - an art-house by itself.

Envisioning and marketing

You can have visualizations of landscapes through illustration and concept design, which aid in brand development and marketing.

Planning & Execution

Planning and Execution

Along with various teams and specialists , Waylon develops regenerative systems with principles incorporated from permaculture, aquaponics, ecosystem engineering, sustainable community design and urban forestry

Execution and Fabrication

Sensitive urbanization requires a focus on coexistence and design that works with the existing environment and ecologies.


The Outcomes

                                                    are aesthetic, ethical, culturally sensitive, economically viable and structurally sound. Onlookers experience depth and a series of textures, surprises and contemplative moods.


You can have a merger of the indoors and outdoors, where your home is nestled in navigable botanical gardens, food forests, vistas and avenues.

Creating lush visuals and textures by working with complementary architectural styles and composition